Press content management for studios and distributors

PressDesk combines the tools that publicity and marketing departments need, with the flexibility and granularity that press members like.

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Flexible architecture

PressDesk is API-first, runs on the cloud and is front-end agnostic. Take a headless or a coupled approach…or both! PressDesk can handle it all.

Press informed

PressDesk was built by press & marketing departments. Our tools help you manage the delivery and management of press materials and screeners with complete ease.

Bespoke solution

Our team starts working with you from day one, to find better and faster solutions aligned to your needs. It’s not only customer support, but also the start of a valuable partnership to help you grow strategically.

Why do you need a Digital Asset Manager for your press materials?

Content is growing at an exponential rate. Whether you’re a distributor or a film studio, a successful distribution strategy starts with ensuring you have rights solutions and systems in place to manage all of your content output.

Find the right match for your needs

Granular access

Granular access

You can mix and match the levels of authentication you need: Public projects, require users to sign-up and have a verified account, or have project-based access using unique tokens.
Extremely flexible

Extremely flexible

Because of our front-end agnostic architecture, your press portal can be adapted to any media: Website, mobile app or even an Apple TV or Roku screening app.
Simplified screeners

Simplified screeners

Send private and secure screeners of your project to anybody, with detailed progressive analytics. All of this while using the highest security standard since day one.
Integrated releases

Integrated releases

PressDesk has an integrated blog that can be used for publishing press releases, latest news or announcements.

Designed for you

Avoid cookie-cutter templates and always have a custom experience in your press portal. We can design and maintain your entire platform for you, or your can bring your own team of developers and adjust it to your existing infrastructure.

Advanced analytics

Keep track of your most valued assets. With specific control over what, who, how and where they used it, so it’s easier to know the ways your assets are being implemented.

Organize and schedule

Automate the entire lifecycle of your projects. Add custom rules to hide (or show) them after a specific amount of time, or after certain rules are met.

Completely customizable

Every business is different and our team will help you find the perfect fit for you. Have custom crafted tools and modules developed to fit within your specific workflow and infrastructure.

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