Manage all the stages of your film

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Track actions, revisions and tasks for your project, accelerating the whole process.

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Unify data from all your departments to gain rich insights and a faster, more efficient result.

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Gain access to key tools that will help you keep everything under control and under budget in the middle of chaos.

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Post & Distribution

Manage your most important distribution assets and your release campaigns from a single dashboard.

Every department in one place.

Your crew must always be tuned to the same vision, so it's time to bring them under the same roof.

Now, with Zazen it's easier to keep up with the updates of every department and share the same resources across your entire team.


Manage all of your actors profiles and auditions for every role your project or your entire production company needs.


Access unique helpful tools that will make the production team forget about the obvious and focus on what really matters.

Production Design

Keep Art, Wardrobe, Makeup and Locations on the same page and easily supervise and approve proposals.


Simple tools everybody knows that finally talk to each other and are easily shareable across the whole team.


Keep track of every document, contract, release, registration and any other legal document without being a lawyer.

Publicity & Marketing

Manage your campaigns, assets, inventory and feedback for each of your films with ease.

And much more...

Save Time & Money

Paying one app over here, another subscription over there, one license for this and and additional one for that can get very expensive, very quickly. And even then, most of those solutions can't talk to each other. Wouldn't it be better to have everything unified?

Help the planet

Let's be honest: A great amount of documents during a production are printed...but do they really need to? We brought all of those that don't and made them easily accessible from your computer, tablet or phone. You're welcome ;)

From filmmakers to filmmakers

We've been there. We know what frustrates you, what can be improved and how. That's how this project initially started! We decided it was time to truly streamline the process of filmmakers all around the world, no matter their scale or the project.

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Ready to try Zazen?

Right now, Zazen is on a Closed Beta. We're making sure everything is working nice and lovely for you. But, if you just can't wait, are curious about how Zazen can improve your workflow or would just like to help us getting it out there for everyone else faster, we'll love to hear from you.

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